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Palmer Creations publishes Senior Perspective newspaper, Old Times newspaper, Definitive Woman magazine, and Lakes Area magazine. All four publications can be found at various locations throughout West Central Minnesota.

Senior Perspective has a circulation of more than 160,000 each month, Senior Perspective is one of the most read newspapers in the Minnesota. It has been the most read senior publication in the state since 2005. Senior Perspective has five editions covering most of Minnesota and part of North Dakota. 


Old Times is a monthly newspaper for antique and collector enthusiastic in the midwest. It is distributed mostly at antique shops in the upper midwest.


Definitive Woman Magazine is the leading woman’s voice in West Central Minnesota, featuring women, their lives, homes, health, hobbies, careers and connection with family, friends, and community. DW magazine is published 4 times a year.


Lakes Area Magazine is Alexandria's premier publication for businesses to take advantage of coupon advertising with call to action offers and display ads. Lakes Area Magazine is disbursed 5 times a year to 17,000 residents each distribution throughout the Alexandria area by direct mail.

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